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Job Insecurity

In a previous post I wrote that job security is something that hardly exists anymore. But during the past week and a half I once again came under the impression of the extreme vulnerability of the job of an international sports coach.

Last week Luiz Felipe Scolari started his week like many other before as head coach of the Brazilian soccer team. Only difference is that the pressure was somewhat more because it was the week of the world cup semi-finals and Brazil the host nation.

And then on Tuesday ... continue reading

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You are selling what?

What makes a first time visitor to your business, become a regular client? On average, every business has many competitors; so what would make people prefer your business to your competition?

We find a lot of emphasis on price, the quality of products and better service delivery. All of them very good, but each of these have their limitations. You can only knock down your prices that much before your profit comes under pressure. Better quality products comes at a cost and better service is a one sided view regarding ... continue reading

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2 Sam 12:25 “So he called his name Jedidiah because of the Lord.”

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