Game plan

Plan Green board FootbalAfter some of the rugby matches during the past tour of the Springbok rugby team to the Northern Hemisphere, people speculated about the Boks game plan and whether there was one at all.

Second Half

We all know about games where a team being miles behind at halftime, came back during the second half to win the game. Then we would often speculate about what the coach told them in the cloak room during the break.

A game plan therefore boils down to a good deal of planning for what you would like to achieve.

This not only holds true for rugby teams but also for our businesses and our personal lives.

Therefore the big question; do you have a game plan for your own life and your business if you are the owner of an own business. Do you have a vision, a dream of where you are heading or how big you would like your business to grow?


Perhaps you can plan for something significant that you would you like your business to be involved in in the community that you serve. Perhaps you can start a trust fund that can eventually enable one or more students to attend university every year.

Also in your personal life, do you have a dream of what you would one day like to be remembered for besides money and wealth? Will your children and other people one day say that you taught them certain good principles and values that they still follow and that helps them to be successful and stay on the right track.


Yet none of these will just happen. Unless you have a plan that you work towards, these things will not just happen. Like with a game of rugby, nothing in life is guaranteed, but you have a much better chance of achieving something that you’ve planned than achieving anything by chance.

# With this in mind, the best day of your life is today. You cannot undo anything that you’ve done in the past. Therefore today is like halftime in the rugby match. Perhaps your first half was not good and you realise that the position you find yourself in is not what you had in mind when you started out in life or in your business.

A better 2nd Half

But as with the rugby match, this is not the end of the game yet. Halftime can be used to reconsider and plan for the remainder of your life. You can still change the way that you’ve done things up till now and develop a better plan for the rest of the game. Remember the game is not over till the final whistle has blown and you can still make changes to ensure that the rest of your life be the best of your life.

For a game and your life, to determine whether it was good, you need to consider it as a whole and not only up to halftime. Do you have a game plan for your business and life? If not,

remember, it is never too late to have a better second half.

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