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Valentine’s Day et al

During my childhood, Christmas, Easter and a few other days were important days to be commemorated each year. St Valentine’s Day went by almost unnoticed. Nobody I can remember ever really celebrated Cupid’s Day.

Nowadays it seems like Valentine’s Day rose to the stature of a mini festive season. Now from a business point of view I can understand that it makes good sense. For many businesses February is one of the quietest months of the year and Valentine’s Day may add a very welcome cash flow injection in a ... continue reading

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Running your dream mile?

“To stay alive, you need to have something significant yet to do.”  I am often reminded of this phrase I heard on a video about “Vision” years ago.

Do you have a dream of something significant that you would like to do?

Maybe you don’t even want to share it with people because they might think that you are crazy, or too old, or most common, that it is impossible.  And what you believe is true unto you.  If you believe it is impossible, it will be.  Prov 18:21 says ... continue reading

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Job Insecurity

In a previous post I wrote that job security is something that hardly exists anymore. But during the past week and a half I once again came under the impression of the extreme vulnerability of the job of an international sports coach.

Last week Luiz Felipe Scolari started his week like many other before as head coach of the Brazilian soccer team. Only difference is that the pressure was somewhat more because it was the week of the world cup semi-finals and Brazil the host nation.

And then on Tuesday ... continue reading

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You’re looking for Job Security? Really?

I can still recall my parents’ plight that I should work hard at school to enable me to study after school “so that I could land a good job.”

And so I studied and became a teacher. But after nineteen years of teaching the Education Department decided that they had too many teachers and gave us the option to opt out. So I left and started on a new journey as an entrepreneur.

In retrospect I realised that the salaried work as a teacher was a comfort zone with many ... continue reading

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So, you’ve passed matric!?

It is the time of year when the results for the past matric exam is to be announced. All the candidates are waiting in anticipation to see their names on the list because that certificate should open the doors to employment or further studies.

But will it? It is not only the piece of paper that counts, the content thereof tells a lot about the person. Combined with the Curriculum Vitae (CV) you get a better picture of that person. Yesterday I read an article in a newspaper that encourage ... continue reading

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