Career Direct

Why are so many people not happy in their careers? Do you feel like a square peg in a round hole in your current job? Then this assessment will help you understand why and to adjust accordingly.

Career Direct is an assessment of your personality, interests, skills and values. Available in 18 languages, including Afrikaans and English, this assessment consisting of approximately 550 questions will help you discover your God given design.  If you understand who you really are, it will help you understand how it influences everything you do.

It is of indispensable value for scholars or students deciding on a career to follow or when you want to venture out in business or make a career change.

Click here to watch short videos on Career Direct and a short extract of a talk on career decision making.

Employers who would like to know whether a candidate will match the requirements for a specific job, will find a Career Direct assessment of great value in determining the suitability of a candidate for a certain post.

The whole test can be done online on a computer anywhere where you have stable internet access. You need a registered consultant though to purchase your unique number and to register you for the assessment. The price includes a detailed report and a feedback session afterwards.

Contact David Malherbe (Registered Career Direct Consultant) at for more information or an assessment.