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A pioneering spirit

Can you imagine that the first flight from London to Cape Town took place only 100 years ago in 1920.

It was an enormous milestone in South African flight history and it looked very different from anything we know today.

South Africans to be first

Although several British teams had set out to pioneer this new air route, each one had crashed and abandoned their effort. General Smuts, then Prime Minister of South Africa, wanted a South African to be the first so he authorised the purchase of a Vickers ... continue reading

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Choice is yours

As a career consultant I have the privilege of testing and advising people on subject and career choices that will best match their personality, talents and skills. As an advisor looking from the outside it is not difficult to give an unbiased opinion. Yet

the candidate still has the choice to follow the advice or not.

Wrong motives

Unfortunately people often choose careers for financial reasons instead of what will resonate with who they really are. Youngsters still at school often decide to take the same subjects or to enrol ... continue reading

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Incredible times of uncertainty

Uncertainty, questions, lockdown, Coronavirus

Uncertainty, questions, lockdown, CoronavirusWe certainly live in unusual times.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I’d go up to a bank teller with a mask on, asking for money.

Even to go shopping is different; standing in a queue to enter the shop and having sanitiser sprayed on your hands before entering. We are all used to queueing at tills before you exit a shop, but waiting in a queue to enter when it is not Black Friday is really something different.


The one thing though that concerns me is ... continue reading

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Greener grass in 2020

megxit, meghan markle, prince harry

Many people say that 2019 was a difficult year and express the hope that 2020 will be much better. Others believe that 2020 may even be more chaotic than 2019.

But who knows what the New Year will hold?

Doris Day

Seems to be an age old question because in 1956 Doris Day, in her song Que Sera already asked “What lies ahead?” and then answers “Whatever will be, will be, the future’s not ours to see.”

But 2020 is a clean slate for each of us to write on.... continue reading

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Do you have a plan for the next move?

Matric, Exam, Teacher, School

Matric, Exam, Teacher, School

This week marked the end of the matric exams which brings different emotions to each one of us. When I wrote matric I was a very insecure 18 year old holding thumb that I would pass matric. One sure thing though was that on the 7th of January the next year my place was booked on the train to Bethlehem for military service. Until then I hardly knew there was a Bethlehem besides the one where Jesus was born.

A teacher’s view

Forward a couple of years and I was ... continue reading