Why is it that after twelve years of school, some studies even more, most people still lack contentment all their lives and careers? Some chase after success, some search the meaning of life, others significance or just mere survival.

If you can understand how you fit into the big picture of life, you will know what you are to do. This will help you live your life with direction. Directing you deeds will help you fulfill your purpose.

We present life changing courses, seminars, conferences, etc. for business(es)/-people, leaders, schools, sectors of government, church groups or any other interested parties.

Maybe it is your personal life, your business or work situation, your marriage or raising children that takes strain. We would love to help you gain perspective and vision so you can live and work with confidence.

Courses such as:


GPS 4 Life training will help you gain clarity about your life’s purpose and direction. During three transitional phases of our lives, we spend more time considering the future;

  • When we leave school,
  • During midlife and
  • At retirement age.

GPS 4 Life will guide you through these white water times of life to enable you to face the future with confidence. Read more at GPS 4 Life



Removing constraints, Equipping leaders, Empowering people.

Many business leaders will tell you that people problems are their biggest problems. If you know how, it needn’t be. Read more at Transformational Leadership



Often at work or in business we are confronted with the question of (WWJD?) what would Jesus do?

This course will equip you to apply Kingdom principles in your business or workplace.

Gain a refreshing insight regarding goal, ownership, finances, integrity, etc. and be inspired and equipped to glorify God in your business or work. Read more at Business by the Book



Should you consider venturing out in business for the first time, it is important to do your homework and lay the right foundation. This course will equip you with sound knowledge and guide you step by step in setting up a business plan for your new venture. Read more at Biblical Entrepreneurship



When your drive for success begins to make way for questions about the significance and legacy of your life, you are most probably in “Halftime.”

A Halftime seminar will help you to understand what is happening to you when your desire for more and more success begins to make way for thoughts about the significance of your life and what you will be remembered for.

It will also help you prepare for a new phase in life where significance may become your new driving force in life. Read more at Halftime



Leaving a Legacy is a course that focuses on how to transfer values, wisdom and vision with possessions to the next generation. Without values, wisdom and vision, possessions may do more harm than good. Read more at Leaving a Legacy



Character becomes visible in your attitude towards work and life. Employ for character first, and train for skills.

Character training should therefore be the first and foremost training in any organization.

Character Training is adapted to the needs of your company or organization. It is indispensable for success in any organization. Read more at Character Training



Marriage can always become better, even when it may not be falling apart. Healthy marriages are the foundation of families and society.

Unwilling to see marriages and houses fall apart; we would love to infuse new life and hope into existing marriages.

Aspects covered include covenant, synergy, sow and reap, forgiveness, agreement, spiritual and physical intimacy. Read more at Married for Life



Train up a child in the way he should go, and even when he is old he will not depart from it. (Prov 22:6)

Parenting requires no special license, testing or other pre-determined qualifications. Yet there is not a more challenging task than to invest in a child’s life. Our whole future depends on the outcome thereof. This course will guide you in the right direction. Read more at Parenting for Life


Please contact us for more information if you would like us to present one or more of these courses at your organization, church, school or family.

Invest in yourself, your family, your business partners and employees to ensure that the rest of your life may become the best of your life.

David Malherbe is also a qualified and registered Career Direct consultant that offers Career Direct tests to assess your Personality, Interests, Skills and Values. You will be guided in the right direction for your life.