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Do not add insult to injury

It is nice that we have entered level 1 of lockdown, but six months of low key business activity will definitely have a huge impact on our economy. Perhaps healthcare workers experience slightly less pressure than in earlier stages of the pandemic, but

for others, the longer their businesses remain closed, the bigger the pressure.

Tourism industry

This week I spoke to people working in the tourism industry involved with international travel, and for them there is no going back to work yet, neither did they receive any remuneration during ... continue reading

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Issues, causes and productive work

It seems like nowadays many people’s goal in life is to have some or other issue they can blow up to something big and then garner as much support as possible for it. Then they promote it as an important cause and somehow even find people who are willing to sponsor them.

Too many issues

Personally I believe that as a society we are busy losing our marbles with just way too many issues continually springing up. Then somebody must be found guilty and somebody must take the blame because ... continue reading

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Economic reality and a new normal

According to Mike Schüssler of the economic figures for the month of June gives a much more realistic picture of the extent to which the Covid-19 pandemic has played havoc in the South African economy.

According to Schüssler it is much worse than anticipated.

Fewer salaries

He says according to the figures released by BankServAfrica, 20,7% fewer salaries were paid out in June 2020 in the formal sector of the economy compared to the year before. This means that one fifth of workers in large and medium sized organisations ... continue reading

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A matter of the heart

There is a proverb that says “what you behold you become.” I think that is exactly what the current wave of negative news is doing to us all, it makes us negative. We are bombarded with news about Covid-19, corrupt politicians, rioters that want to bring the economy to a standstill (as if it is not bad enough yet) and racism blown up to unprecedented proportions whilst most of us just want to carry on with our work in the hope to rescue what is left of our failing economy.... continue reading

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Economic shift

During the last couple of lockdown months, I’ve been on more webinars and Zoom meetings than ever before in my life. Will this be the new trend for the future?

Working from home

I recently read an article in Die Burger that asked the question if working from home is here to stay. According to the article only about 10% of people worked from home before the lockdown, but during lockdown it jumped to as high as 75% for many companies.

According to the article,

this trend is not easily ... continue reading