GPS 4 Life

The GPS 4 Life seminar will help you live your life with direction. When every day is just another day that you feel leads nowhere, or you need to make life changing decisions regarding your future, let us help you discover direction.

During the three transitional phases in one’s life, we spend more time considering one’s future;

  • When we leave school,
  • During midlife and
  • At retirement age.

This course is a wonderful aid to guide you through these white water times of life and enable you to move forward with direction..

People who become unemployed, will gain a new perspective on life to enable them to move forward without getting stuck in a black hole.

GPS 4 Life course in Riebeek West

To people who are considering a career change or would like to venture into a business, this is an excellent way of considering the options and obstacles you may be about to face. Well informed decisions aids one in taking better calculated risks.

This course can be presented over a weekend, but spread over a period of six weeks makes it easier to absorb.

Let the rest of your life be the best of your life.

(Listen to Radio broadcasts about GPS 4 Life under Multi Media)

2 Sam 12:25 “So he called his name Jedidiah because of the Lord.”

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