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Customer effort leads to disloyalty

When you’re in business and a client tells you “I am in the market for ‘let’s say a motorbike’” you as the dealer knows that it is time to perform; a client with money that he or she wants to spend, needs your undivided attention.

One must remember that there are always more dealers that a client can turn to for the same business. So if you do not serve him or her well, the client’s money will just go to your opposition.

Customer effort

Matthew Dixon et al in ... continue reading

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The blue-est Monday of them all

Sometimes you get up in the morning with very little motivation for the day’s work. This morning was such a morning for me, not that it is such a challenging day, but because I felt gloomy and dispirited, some would call such a day a blue Monday.

Someone said that when you’re having a blue Monday, just climbing out of bed is a positive start.

Blue-est Monday

Apparently the melancholic mind-set of “Blue Monday” is at it highest on the 3rd Monday of January when the post-holiday and -festive season ... continue reading

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Thank you for the music

Sitting here in front of my computer I fell asleep, only to wake up a little later to the most beautiful piece of melodious music you can imagine. So my thoughts took a short trip down memory lane of all the “music” I loved before.

The hits of yesteryear

When I was at school during the 1960’s and 1970” the Top 20 hits of the week were always broadcasted, I think on a Friday night, and I used to listen in bed on a small transistor radio. Nowadays some people ... continue reading

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Crazy times – Together and apart

During the past week I received the following in a WhatsApp from one of my friends. I do not know who wrote it, but I think it is an excellent description of the current situation.

“Never have I seen such a mess in life
The air is pure but wearing a mask is mandatory
Roads are empty but it is impossible to go on a long drive
People have clean hands but there is a ban on shaking hands
Friends have time to sit together but they cannot get together
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Online reality

Laptop, Technology, Economy, Work, Online

Laptop, Technology, Economy, Work, OnlineWhen I started teaching about fourty years ago, we had no idea that we would one day have a computer in the school that would be able to perform certain administrative tasks. Yet about 15 years later the school had its own computer and we need not write each student’s report card anymore. It was printed on the computer, yet only those teachers trained for it were allowed to work on the computer.

Computers came to stay

We all realized that computers came to stay and I had the privilege ... continue reading