Strategic Planning – Manufacturing company – Paarl

People who venture out to start their own businesses usually are masters of their trade, but seldom recognize that business is trade on its own.  Business failures seldom happen due to a lack trade skills, but mostly because the owners / managers lack business skills.

We provide consulting services to businesses, farms, churches and other organizations. Any of the topics covered in the courses that we present may also form part of our consulting service.

Experience taught us that many businesses and organisations exist from day to day and from month-end to month-end without really having a strategic plan of where they are heading. We would love to help you gain direction that can lead to sustainable growth.

Also church and other welfare or non-profit organizations seldom set aside time to plan and refresh their programs for every consecutive year.  The staleness of following the same program every year leads to people losing interest.

Let us help you gain a new vision and direction with creative planning for a fresh new approach.

The courses that we present can add value to your company or organization.  Our courses offer material regarding strategic planning, sound business and organizational practices, life skills and Christian living.

We also provide assistance with sorting out and setting up sound financial / book keeping systems for companies and organizations.

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