When your drive for success begins to make way for questions about the significance and legacy of your life, you are most probably in “Halftime.”

A Halftime seminar usually runs over a weekend and will help you to understand what is happening to you when your desire for more and more success begins to make way for thoughts about the significance of your life and what you will be remembered for.

It will help you prepare for a new phase in life where significance may become your new driving force.

We can also do a “Vision Casting” of 30 – 90 minutes as an introduction to Halftime at your church, men’s-, ladies-, or small group.

Alternatively you can join a Halftime Focus Group that will accompany you on your Halftime journey over a period of one year.

David Malherbe is a qualified Halftime presenter and Focus Group leader.

Halftime course presented by myself and Tommy O’Kennedy of Halftime SA