leaving a Legacy

Why would anyone be concerned about leaving a legacy?

How do you go about to leave a legacy?

Leaving a Legacy is about much more than leaving money and possessions to the next generation. It is important that values, wisdom and vision will accompany transferring possessions. Without values, wisdom and vision, possessions may do more harm than good.

Usually estate planning focuses on wills, trusts and investments.  We also take a look at those aspects, but to leave a legacy is about much more than transferring money and possessions.  In this course we focus on the whole process of wealth transfer which includes:

  • wise decision making when circumstances necessitates that beneficiaries be treated differently,
  • the stewardship principle
  • the timing decision (giving while living),
  • preparing and teaching beneficiaries wisdom, vision, family values and
  • a 100 year plan as part of the long term perspective that leads to wiser decision making and
  • what to focus on during your life if you want to leave a legacy and not only stuff.

This course is ideally suited to be presented over a weekend and preferably attended by both husband and wife.

Should you be uncomfortable to discuss these kind of matters with your family, we are willing to facilitate such a meeting for you.