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You’re looking for Job Security? Really?

I can still recall my parents’ plight that I should work hard at school to enable me to study after school “so that I could land a good job.”

And so I studied and became a teacher. But after nineteen years of teaching the Education Department decided that they had too many teachers and gave us the option to opt out. So I left and started on a new journey as an entrepreneur.

In retrospect I realised that the salaried work as a teacher was a comfort zone with many ... continue reading

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Attitude is Everything

I am a strong believer that Entrepreneurship is the answer to many of our economic woes. Too many of us grow up with the notion of “If I can only find a good job.” Why not change the mindset to “What can I do for myself?” Why not create your own job / business?

On the other hand business owners often tell me about the problems they have with labourers. “They do not want to work hard and you cannot trust them.” This is nothing new, since business owners have ... continue reading

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2 Sam 12:25 “So he called his name Jedidiah because of the Lord.”

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