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See the picture?

Do you see the picture? What picture?  The big picture.

I believe that we often get stuck in the chores of our day to day living to such an extend that we often pay little attention to where we are heading with our lives and our businesses. I must complete this task before I go home this afternoon because it must be ready for the client to pick up first thing tomorrow morning. Tonight I must attend the PTA- or whatever meeting and also fulfill my obligations at home towards the family, etc. And tomorrow and every other morrow is filled with a similar daily pattern.

And then all of a sudden we realize that we are another ten years down the line, yet we are still hoping that someday we will have time to consider the significance of our lives. Do you see the bigger picture of your life?  Are you busy doing what you would like to be remembered for?

We all have a desire to one day be remembered for something significant. But are we busy working toward something significant or are we just gathering money and stuff? Be sure that you will not be remembered for the size of your house or the price of your toys, but for who you were; for you character, your values, what you said and done; definitely not for the stuff. If we should compare it with a computer; it’s not the hardware (machine) that counts as much as what you do with it, the software.

John Ortberg in It All Goes Back in the Box says there is a big difference between the “richness of having vs the richness of being.” Richness of having usually means getting more stuff; richness of being is generally associated with giving more stuff. Jesus’ goal of “richness toward God” always involves richness of being. See also the parable of the Rich Fool in Luk 12:13 – 21.

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