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Adding life to your years

On my 50th birthday my wife decided that I should have a bigger birthday celebration than for instance when I turned 46. Such a nice round number called for something special. Yes, we love to celebrate certain milestones in our lives. But to reach a certain age is basically just a next number, yet I am always grateful when the Lord has blessed me with another year.

42 Comrades Marathons

What seems to be an extra blessing is good health and a good quality of life that many people have ... continue reading

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Breaking “impossible” barriers

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About a month ago I wrote about testing the limits and how Roger Bannister was the first man to do the “impossible” by running a mile in less than 4 minutes. I then said that “it is our achieving and ambitious nature that enables us to still set new world records.” After the four minute barrier was shattered it was like a floodgate that opened and the new world record lasted for only 46 days and within one year 37 runners also broke the 4 minute barrier.

Two world records... continue reading