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No team can always win

I am always interested by what makes people support a certain business or sports team. One sure thing is that people love to support a winning team, but no team can always remain at the top.

Springbok Rugby

Over the last couple of years many people were disillusioned by the performance of the Springbok rugby team.

Yet after they recently beat the All Blacks in New Zealand the tickets for the Springboks’ next match against the Wallabies were sold out within days.

As I’ve said, no team can always win. If we look at the rugby teams that won the rugby world cup over the past decade or three, almost without exception they all won between 65% to 75% of their matches in the four years prior to the world cup. But when it really mattered, they won the trophy.

The All Blacks

The All Black rugby team is an excellent example of a team that does just that. Although it feels like they win all their rugby games, they do not. But when it matters, they do. They won the past two world cup tournaments and they regularly win the Bledisloe Cup and the Rugby Championship.

And Business

When we look at the business world we see a similar trend. Take for instance the big retail grocery stores in South Africa. They all continually advertise specials of some kind or another. They do not have the same specials at the same time, yet they all do good business.

To do well in a very competitive environment like rugby or business, you need more than luck.

You need to be very competitive and you need to have a spirit of excellence; please note excellence and not perfectionism. You need to have a plan that entails more than just winning the next game or doing the next deal. Although the next game or transaction is important, your focus on the bigger picture is what makes you a winner in the long run.

# The fear of failure

The problem with perfectionism and the drive to perform is that because there is no room for weakness, it often results in a fear of failure. We do not have to be perfect – we can make mistakes; this form part of the learning process on the road to success.

Excellence vs perfectionism

There is a difference between excellence, which is a godly disposition, and perfectionism, which is a toxic attitude. We were not created to be lazy or boring people, yet as God’s representatives we need to be people of excellence, motivated by love. Col 3:23 says, “And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men.” This means do everything to the best of your ability,

However, to do your best does not mean that it must be error-free or perfect which is perfectionism and is driven by a fear of failure.

You are afraid that you will not be good enough. When there is no room for weakness, you become your own worst enemy, for when there is a weakness (and there will inevitable be something, since we are all human), you feel bad about yourself. You may even experience guilt and it is not easy to forgive yourself.

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