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When you’ve had enough

Rugby Yellow Card Enough All Blacks

I think many business owners may envy the decisive power that a rugby (or for that matter any sport) referee has. When the referee had enough of unruly behaviour, he can show the offender a yellow or red card and the culprit needs to walk off the field without further ado.

Power and Authority

I read a news article about a rugby match between RC Jiki Gori and Locomotive Tbilisi played in Georgia. At a certain stage of the game, just as a scrum was set, the referee blew the whistle and told them to stand back. He then gave six yellow cards; both teams’ front rows were sent to the sin bin.

This of course caused quite a stir among the remaining players and the coaches needed to reorganise their teams before the game could continue. Yet the referee was in his full right to do so and he had the power and authority to act on the infringement the way he did.


But if you are an employer and a worker or workers drive you nuts, it seems like the worker has more rights than the one who hired them in the first place. I wonder what would happen to South Africa’s unemployment rate if we should adopt the same policy as the one that business owners in the USA regard as a fundamental right.

Americans believe that “if you can’t fire, you can’t hire.”

It is not that I am insensitive to the plight of the worker, but when business owners tell me that they do not want to grow their businesses because they would rather refrain from employing any more people, something is wrong.

The country is in desperate need of growth and more employment. If business owners see employing more people as too much of a hassle, I think that our growing population is facing a bleak future.

# Leadership

Any organisation or business needs someone to take the lead. Usually the person who starts a business has a vision of where he/she is heading and what they want to accomplish with the business.

Worker Discontent Employee Brown Bag Orange Tie Emoji EnoughTo make the business work, the leader needs the wholehearted support of everybody involved. Workers who continually misbehave or who continually oppose to the designated direction of the leaders, will be to the detriment of the whole organisation.

In Mark 3:24-25 Jesus said “If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. And if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.”

Often the workers who continually complain and criticize everything and everybody, are those whose personality and/or talents does not really match the job they need to do. Sometimes another job for them will be the best solution for both company and employee.

When the referee sends someone off the field, there will always be some people who disagree, but the game can carry on and produce a result.

Having the right people in the right jobs is critical to a successful organisation. A Career Direct Assessment will help each one find his/her niche.

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