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Needed: Competent leaders with character

The level of uncertainty that we have to endure at present is unprecedented in our lifetime. We have leaders that chop and change their minds with very short notice before things need to be implemented and it leads to chaos in every sphere of our society.


Western Province Rugby bosses at the last moment decide to step away from a contract to sell the Newlands Rugby Stadium and then find themselves in even bigger trouble than ever before. With good governance the WP Rugby Union should never even have ... continue reading

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Game plan

Plan Green board Footbal

Plan Green board FootbalAfter some of the rugby matches during the past tour of the Springbok rugby team to the Northern Hemisphere, people speculated about the Boks game plan and whether there was one at all.

Second Half

We all know about games where a team being miles behind at halftime, came back during the second half to win the game. Then we would often speculate about what the coach told them in the cloak room during the break.

A game plan therefore boils down to a good deal of planning for what ... continue reading

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When you’ve had enough

Rugby Yellow Card Enough All Blacks

I think many business owners may envy the decisive power that a rugby (or for that matter any sport) referee has. When the referee had enough of unruly behaviour, he can show the offender a yellow or red card and the culprit needs to walk off the field without further ado.

Power and Authority

I read a news article about a rugby match between RC Jiki Gori and Locomotive Tbilisi played in Georgia. At a certain stage of the game, just as a scrum was set, the referee blew the ... continue reading

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Sharks 17 – WP 12: Still good business for WP

Last week I wrote that entrepreneurs are the forgotten heroes of the economy and the past weekend in a speech Pres Cyril Ramaphosa asked that entrepreneurs should be treated as heroes. Rugby produces sport heroes, but in the professional era it is also big business.

Currie Cup

About a month ago I wrote that no team can always win, not even the All Blacks. Unfortunately the one that the WP lost was the final, yet the good work they did beforehand, was instrumental in securing two matches with higher revenues ... continue reading