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Child in the mail

Can you believe it? A hundred years ago Mr. Merritt Chance the postmaster of the post office in Washington D.C. received three applications to post children by mail under the same regulations that permitted live animals to be sent.

In June 1920 Mr. John Koons, the Assistant Postmaster General of the United States answered a request for an interpretation of postal regulations and then ruled that children could not be sent through the mail by parcel post. Koons, reviewing the regulation, pointed out that parcel post was limited to “harmless ... continue reading

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bilding me a fewchr

puzzle, build, green, orange,

puzzle, build, green, orange, We would all like to have a bright future and even more so for our children and grandchildren. In Canfield & Hansen’s Chicken Soup for the Soul I found this gem that was originally written by Frank Trujillo. The title “bilding me a fewchr.”

Toddler’s Letter

Dear Teachr

Today, mommy cryed. Mommy asked me Jody do you realy kno why you are going to school. i said i don’t know why?

She said it is caus we are going to be bilding me a fewchr. i said what is a ... continue reading

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Attitude is everything

stupidity, disability, parking, wheelchair

stupidity, disability, parking, wheelchairThe past week I watched a program on TV about a man who is a quadriplegic after a motorcar accident. He only has very limited use of his arms and hands. Yet, in spite of his disability he, amongst many other things, still mows the lawn on their farm with a ride-on lawnmower and participates in archery.

What caught my eye though was the message printed on the back of his T-shirt;

The only disability in life is a bad attitude.

The late motivational speaker, Zig Ziglar, used to talk ... continue reading