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Perspective – Your view of matters

Your perspective on a certain matter is to a large extent determined by the vantage point from which you view a certain matter. Say you live in a small town in Namaqualand or on a farm in the Karoo your view on the Corona pandemic may be that it is perhaps not that bad. Perhaps you hardly even know anybody that has contracted the virus.

On the other hand, a friend who works in a city environment told me that about every 2nd or 3rd day at work they hear ... continue reading

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Needed: Competent leaders with character

The level of uncertainty that we have to endure at present is unprecedented in our lifetime. We have leaders that chop and change their minds with very short notice before things need to be implemented and it leads to chaos in every sphere of our society.


Western Province Rugby bosses at the last moment decide to step away from a contract to sell the Newlands Rugby Stadium and then find themselves in even bigger trouble than ever before. With good governance the WP Rugby Union should never even have ... continue reading

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Will sports betting encourage match fixing?

Hansie Cronje, match fixing, cricket, sport, South Africa

Hansie Cronje, match fixing, cricket, sport, South AfricaIn April 2000 it was revealed that Hansie Cronje, former South African cricket captain and Sanjay Chawla, a representative of an Indian betting syndicate were involved in match fixing during 1999 and earlier.

After an enquiry by the King Commission, Cronje was banned from any involvement in cricket for life. This scandal was one of the biggest controversies ever to have rocked the international cricket world.

Only now during January 2019, after almost two decades, a British court ordered for the extradition of Sanjeev Chawla, to India where he will ... continue reading

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bilding me a fewchr

puzzle, build, green, orange,

puzzle, build, green, orange, We would all like to have a bright future and even more so for our children and grandchildren. In Canfield & Hansen’s Chicken Soup for the Soul I found this gem that was originally written by Frank Trujillo. The title “bilding me a fewchr.”

Toddler’s Letter

Dear Teachr

Today, mommy cryed. Mommy asked me Jody do you realy kno why you are going to school. i said i don’t know why?

She said it is caus we are going to be bilding me a fewchr. i said what is a ... continue reading

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Who will get my vote?

brand, choice, decisions

brand, choice, decisionsOver the years a countless number of books have been written on marketing. Numerous strategies of price, product, promotion and place (distribution), the so-called 4 p’s or marketing mix, are being discussed continually. Some authors even add more p’s to the mix, but the main focus remains;

to convince consumers to buy your product or service.

Good marketing

In our overcrowded markets you need an exceptional message to grab potential customers’ attention and then convince them to buy. If the actual product or service delivers well on the marketing promises ... continue reading