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Issues, causes and productive work

It seems like nowadays many people’s goal in life is to have some or other issue they can blow up to something big and then garner as much support as possible for it. Then they promote it as an important cause and somehow even find people who are willing to sponsor them.

Too many issues

Personally I believe that as a society we are busy losing our marbles with just way too many issues continually springing up. Then somebody must be found guilty and somebody must take the blame because ... continue reading

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Pointless endeavour

Quality, Results, Soccer, Boring

Quality, Results, Soccer, BoringIn his regular column in Die Burger John Scott writes that soccer leaves him cold. “I’ve tried,” he says “goodness knows I’ve tried, to appreciate what some misguided person called the beautiful game. Up and down the players run, for 90 minutes, often with neither side scoring a single goal.

‘It’s their skill in controlling the ball,’ said a friend when

I asked him the point of a game that ended pointless.

‘But not enough skill to produce a result,’ I suggested.”

Pointless lives

But it is not only a ... continue reading