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Pointless endeavour

Quality, Results, Soccer, Boring

Quality, Results, Soccer, BoringIn his regular column in Die Burger John Scott writes that soccer leaves him cold. “I’ve tried,” he says “goodness knows I’ve tried, to appreciate what some misguided person called the beautiful game. Up and down the players run, for 90 minutes, often with neither side scoring a single goal.

‘It’s their skill in controlling the ball,’ said a friend when

I asked him the point of a game that ended pointless.

‘But not enough skill to produce a result,’ I suggested.”

Pointless lives

But it is not only a soccer game that may end “pointless.” Many people feel that their lives also are pointless, so to speak. They feel their lives or the job they do is meaningless or at least of little significance.

Pointless behaviour

Worst of all though are the pointless deeds of people obstructing roads and setting businesses and vehicles alight because they are unhappy about not having things they feel they are entitled to. What is the point of setting trains alight when the available trains do not get you to your destination on time? Pointless, because the fewer trains available tomorrow, will just make the situation worse. Or students who burn down universities so they can get free education.

Can we build-up the country?

While some people work hard to build the country, others make it their job to destroy what others have built. How can we hope for a better future by destroying other people’s goods or government property like libraries or municipal buildings?

It takes thorough planning and hard work to build a country and its economy. To see your hard work and hard earned tax money go up in flames is enough to make anyone despondent.

Why can’t we all join hands and be builders?

Perhaps part of the problem is that the ruling party is divided among themselves where it seems like the one part continually oppose and try to destroy what the other tries to build. To me this looks a lot like John Scott’s view of soccer; just when one leader makes a statement that seems like it will take us in a certain direction, another makes a complete opposing statement leading to just another deadlock.

# Divided kingdom

Devided, Fall, Together, StandIn Mar 3:24-26 Jesus said: “If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand. And if a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” This means that because of the division, it will not stand, but has an end.

Building together

The only way a business or nation can excel is by standing and working together to achieve a shared vision and goals.

Just think of what Germany and Japan achieved after WW2 in rebuilding their countries.

That is why so much emphasis is placed on the unifying effect of an event such as the rugby world cup. Should we win the world cup, at least we would have something that can unite us for a while, … hopefully.

May it someday, sooner rather than later, be possible for our politicians to put their differences aside and start to work towards uniting the people of our beloved country to work together towards building a strong economy.

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