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Hindsight and KBA

A friend of mine sent an interesting quote which read:

The only perfect sight is hindsight … and that, we haven’t got.

Think of it, if you and I knew the outcome of career choices or of a business decision before it was taken, we could have avoided the pitfalls or we could have made entirely different decisions.

Many moons ago I bought a beautiful red car, but then a year or two later on a rainy winter’s morning, I was involved in an accident. After the repairs and a summer of parking in the sun at work, I had a car with multiple shades of red. My resolve, I’ll never buy a red car again.

Also a nice big house I once bought was next to a busy road. Everybody told me that I’ll get used to the noise, but I never did. I suffered for seven years.

And in my business there were deals and contracts entered into that even landed me in court, although I did not falter, but the substantial legal expenses left me poorer, yet wiser. Although I studied a business degree and even lectured in business subjects, there are certain aspects of business that are not taught in business schools.

Besides an MBA one should also consider studying KBA principles. Kingdom business principles are found in the Bible and it could have saved me thousands if I knew them years earlier.

God’s Word is the highest authority, it is our compass and gives direction. It is a benchmark for making good decisions and evaluating relationships. We all need that standard which will not lead us in the wrong direction. Do you know that there are 2350 verses in the Bible dealing with business and finances?

# We went to school and also learned from our parents, to ensure that we don’t need to learn all of life’s lessons by trial and error. It also is not necessary for each of us to learn sound business principles by trying to rediscover the wheel for ourselves.

Therefore we need to remain teachable.

We need to learn how to swap financial stress for peace of mind. We need to be able to make profitable financial decisions by means of Biblical wisdom and not becoming financial slaves.

Avoid fear of failure by building trust and a character based culture in your business.

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