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Direction of your deeds

Say I have a business meeting in Bloemfontein next week Thursday; I should be fairly occupied with actions and preparations to get me there on time as well as prepared. Whether I go by plane or drive there does not matter, but my deeds will be directed towards going to Bloemfontein. That speaks of deeds with direction.

Can we say the same about what we do on a daily basis if we evaluate our lives and careers? A video about vision that I watched many years ago stated that

To stay alive we need to have something significant yet to do.

That means you always need to have something significant that you would still like to accomplish in your life.

To have something significant yet to do, means that you are working towards something. For example; if you’ve decided that you would like to write a book or you would like to build your own house or to have your own business, then you need put time aside to work on these dreams. Any effort, mentally or physically, that you put in towards accomplishing that goal, can be seen as deeds with direction towards fulfilling your dream or vision.

Are we working towards something that one day we’ll be able to look back on and say, that was good? That was something good to work and strive for, or do we just every day go with the stream where life takes us, “What comes around, goes around?”

# Is it really possible that our deeds can be described as having direction or not? Well, when somebody would get involved with the wrong friends or become addicted to some or other substance, we’ll say that they are heading in the wrong direction. This means that we can also be heading in the right or a good direction that we can even plan for. There is a Bible verse that says “They do not direct their deeds toward turning to their God.” (Hos 5:4) (NKJV) This means that these people kept themselves busy with deeds that were directed away from serving God.

As we all know, it is much easier to break down than to build something worthwhile. Since we all need to have something significant yet to do, let us direct our deeds to achieving something that we would like to be remembered for.

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