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Mind over matter

Positive, I can, mindset

Positive, I can, mindset

“You must have a positive vision of the future”,

is a quote that I’ve once written down on a piece of paper and it stands on my bookshelf right in front of me where I can see it whenever I work on my computer.

For any business this is vital for success and to keep on keeping on when times are tough. The hope for a better future is what makes one willing to take risks in business. You are willing to borrow money when you believe that business in future will be good enough to pay back the debt. The economy is built on trust.

Businesses suffering

What happened over the last two months is that such a large chunk of our economy was eaten by the coronavirus that suddenly businesses’ outlook for the future became very uncertain and some no longer see a light at the end of the tunnel.

During the past week we heard of two major magazine publishing companies that have closed their doors and in total

we will find no less than 16 fewer publications on the shelves in stores.

This was not caused solely by Covid-19, but besides the poor economic conditions the past year already, this must have been the last straw. Must say I always enjoyed the Country Life and Farmer’s Weekly magazines. It’s like old friends that will not be there anymore.

Avoid negativity

Yes, we live in trying times where it does not take much to become negative or even depressed. At present we are bombarded with a combination of news articles that are either negative or fake or a conspiracy theory and it is not always easy to determine which is which. Unfortunately a negative view of the future leads to pessimism and fear which is not a good place to be when we need to rebuild the economy.

Remain positive

So perhaps to keep our sanity, we must try to somehow rather focus on whatever is positive. We often hear motivational speeches by some or other athlete or endurance guru that emphasise the importance of mind over matter. If you look at the circumstances you will be overwhelmed, but if you have a positive vision of the preferred outcome you want to achieve, you can overcome the circumstances.

Perhaps it is time for all of us to change to “mind over matter” mode.

# Rock bottom economy

Thoughts, changes, positive, captiveWith the present rock bottom state of our economy, there is a task at hand for each of us; we need to rebuild the economy. I believe that many pre-covid-19 economic privileges we had, may evade us in future. With many businesses closing down, the remaining ones will most probably have to cut all excessive spending.

Our forefathers built this country and economy by making huge sacrifices. Now it is our turn to set aside our differences and our rights and put shoulder to the wheel. One may have all the rights possible, but if nobody can supply it, you better become willing to get your own hands dirty.

The best helping hand you’ll ever find, is the one at the end of your own arm.

Mental toughness needed

In this situation the mind is pivotal. Thoughts have energy. Make sure they are positive and powerful because what you think you become. Mental toughness is when you can find fuel in an empty tank.

Remember your strongest muscle and worst enemy is your mind. Train it well.

The Apostle Paul puts it well in Philippians 4:8 “Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy – meditate on these things.”

Even the wise king Solomon said, “Keep your heart (mind) with all diligence, for out of it spring the issues of life.” (Proverbs 4:23)

Let us therefore take on the challenge to rebuild our economy with the right mindset and with the same fervor that Nehemia and his people displayed when they had to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem.

Maybe after this time of turmoil, you’ll be looking for a job or business that will better match your personality. If you are that person, a Career Direct Assessment (available online) will help you find the right direction. It will not only show who you are, but will also point you in the right direction.

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