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Do not add insult to injury

It is nice that we have entered level 1 of lockdown, but six months of low key business activity will definitely have a huge impact on our economy. Perhaps healthcare workers experience slightly less pressure than in earlier stages of the pandemic, but

for others, the longer their businesses remain closed, the bigger the pressure.

Tourism industry

This week I spoke to people working in the tourism industry involved with international travel, and for them there is no going back to work yet, neither did they receive any remuneration during ... continue reading

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Mind over matter

Positive, I can, mindset

Positive, I can, mindset

“You must have a positive vision of the future”,

is a quote that I’ve once written down on a piece of paper and it stands on my bookshelf right in front of me where I can see it whenever I work on my computer.

For any business this is vital for success and to keep on keeping on when times are tough. The hope for a better future is what makes one willing to take risks in business. You are willing to borrow money when you believe that business in ... continue reading

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Online reality

Laptop, Technology, Economy, Work, Online

Laptop, Technology, Economy, Work, OnlineWhen I started teaching about fourty years ago, we had no idea that we would one day have a computer in the school that would be able to perform certain administrative tasks. Yet about 15 years later the school had its own computer and we need not write each student’s report card anymore. It was printed on the computer, yet only those teachers trained for it were allowed to work on the computer.

Computers came to stay

We all realized that computers came to stay and I had the privilege ... continue reading

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Incredible times of uncertainty

Uncertainty, questions, lockdown, Coronavirus

Uncertainty, questions, lockdown, CoronavirusWe certainly live in unusual times.

Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I’d go up to a bank teller with a mask on, asking for money.

Even to go shopping is different; standing in a queue to enter the shop and having sanitiser sprayed on your hands before entering. We are all used to queueing at tills before you exit a shop, but waiting in a queue to enter when it is not Black Friday is really something different.


The one thing though that concerns me is ... continue reading

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History repeated – 100 years later

COVID-19, Masks, Jail

COVID-19, Masks, JailOn Thursday 7 November 1918, D.W. Sutherland the Major of Kelowna in Canada had the following restrictive measures published in the newspaper: “Notice is hereby given that, in order to prevent the spread of Spanish Influenza, all schools, public and private, churches, theatres, moving picture halls, pool rooms and other places of amusement, and lodge meetings, are to be closed until further notice. All public gatherings consisting of ten or more are prohibited.”
Incredible how history repeats itself. Makes me think of Solomon’s words of wisdom in Eccl 1:9-10 “Whatever ... continue reading