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Who will get my vote?

brand, choice, decisions

brand, choice, decisionsOver the years a countless number of books have been written on marketing. Numerous strategies of price, product, promotion and place (distribution), the so-called 4 p’s or marketing mix, are being discussed continually. Some authors even add more p’s to the mix, but the main focus remains;

to convince consumers to buy your product or service.

Good marketing

In our overcrowded markets you need an exceptional message to grab potential customers’ attention and then convince them to buy. If the actual product or service delivers well on the marketing promises made, word-of mouth will help spread the message far and wide.

Consumer behaviour

But the flipside is a lesser known field of study, namely Consumer Behaviour. How will consumers react to a company’s marketing endeavours? This is why the hard work of marketers often delivers little results. For some or other unforeseen psychological or emotional reason, consumers’ reaction often times proof to be contrary to what marketers expected it to be.


The same holds true for political parties, especially in an election year.

Looking at what the major political parties have to offer,

there is not much that excites me about any one of them.

There are so much infighting and contradictory statements made within each of the major parties that I cannot see that any one of them will be able to deliver anything that will make South Africa a prosperous and winning nation.

On the one hand I am glad that it is not my job to market such inconsistent policies and on the other hand I wonder if voters are really susceptible to persuasion by other political parties. “No matter what, I’ll remain loyal to …”

What is your perception of what we are presented with by political parties?

# Experiences

I believe that one of the main factors influencing behaviour is past experiences. If you buy a motor vehicle or a computer from a certain company and then when you have a complaint afterwards and the aftersales service is bad; your experience of that company will become sour. You will also tell your friends to stay clear.

Why do you regularly do your grocery shopping at the same shop? No retailer will always be the cheapest, so besides price and perhaps quality, what makes you go back time and again?

A feel good shopping experience plays a big role.

Marketing message in politics

x, vote, pencil, choiceSo, how do I experience the offering of the major political parties in the run-up to the elections? I must say that nothing I read in the newspapers or watch on TV-news actually excites me. As long as a political party’s marketing message and their leaders’ speeches to different audiences are not in line with a clear policy statement, I am not convinced to vote for such a party.

First of all I want to know that their policy statement is in line with my values and expectations and secondly, do they put their money where their mouth is. If I cannot believe your marketing message, why should I support your business or political party?

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