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Living your dream?

Do you have a dream of what you would like to do or achieve in your lifetime? You may think that such dreams are just for people who are not serious about life. But if you ask almost any person what they would like to do if money was not an issue, you’ll most probably come closer to their heart’s desire for their lives.

In an advertisement of Stanlib it is beautifully portrayed how a construction worker is dreaming of being a pilot and a hairdresser’s dream is to be a F1-Driver, etc. But then these important words follow; “Monuments were never built to those who court other dreams. Success is the preserve of those who are steadfast in their desire for they become great, because when you follow your passion (your dream), success follows you.

So what would your dream in life be if money was not an issue?

Some would say that they’d like to travel the world, some would say to be in a different career from the one they are involved in at present and still another would like to be involved in some or other kind of charity work. I wonder how many would say that where they are currently employed is their dream job?

# What makes it more significant to follow your dream than doing any other kind of randomly chosen career? Will it really make a difference?

Bruce Wilkinson in his book The Dream Giver explains that the dream in your heart has been placed there by God. It is not an issue of the mind (reasoning), but an issue of the heart.

The “Any job will do!” way of thinking is the easy way out, but it will have consequences.

Chris Guillebeau writes in his book Born for this – How to find the work you were meant to do, that if you do not follow your dream, you may land up in a job that feels like a prison.
According to Wilkenson to follow your dream is not always the easiest road to follow, but more fulfilling. This is the only way we can really find fulfilment and the fullness of what God has made us for. It may mean that you’ll have to create your own job because you’ll not necessarily fit the mould other people have in mind for you.

Next time we’ll look at the difference between a dream and a vision.

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