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I trust that you have a dream of something you would like to do or reach in life, but if that dream is not transformed into a vision it will most probably remain only a dream. So, what is the difference then, you may ask, and why do we need to have a vision?

Let’s say you have a lifelong dream to someday go overseas. It is a desire that you’ve had for as long as you can remember. Yet over the years you have not really come any closer to fulfilling your dream.

According to Andy Stanley in Visioneering a vision often begins with the inability to accept things the way they are. Over time that dissatisfaction matures into a clear picture of what could be. But a vision is more than that. After all, what could be is an idea, a dream, but not necessarily a vision.

A vision comes with a sense of conviction. Then something that could be done turns into something that should be done. It becomes a clear picture. So instead of just having an inkling about a trip abroad, a vision usually resembles something more specific, like you would like to walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain.

Now this vision (picture) will become clearer as you read more about the route and the places you are likely to see. You may experience that the vision will start to exert a pulling effect on you, like a magnet that draws you toward it.

# According to Terry Virgo a vision is a compelling picture of a preferable future that motivates one to perform. It is to see the end from the beginning, to know where you are heading.
A leader must have a vision of where he is heading and leading, he must have an end in mind.

In the video Power of Vision, Frederich Pollack said that in the world we live in, many people have a negative vision of the future due to the immense problems that we face. But for people to succeed against the odds they need to have something significant yet to do. We need to have a positive vision of the future if we want to succeed. Your vision gives you direction and determines your destination.

Next week we’ll look at the next step to reach your preferred destination; the mission.

The starting point for fulfilling your dream and vision is to know yourself. A Career Direct Assessment will help you to know and understand yourself (or your son / daughter / spouse / employees). I can assure you, it makes all the difference to know the real you.

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