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The man who had everything

The Man Who Had Everything was one of the hit movies during 1920, a hundred years ago. The title of the movie grabbed my attention, because I never met or heard of anybody who said they have everything they wanted.
In those early years movies were black and white and silent with subheadings to show the dialogue. The plot is something I don’t think modern day scriptwriters would have imagined for their next movie.

The plot

Mark Bullway is a very wealthy business owner whose son Harry is a careless ... continue reading

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Time management – Is it possible at all?

Time Mastery, Time management, Book

Time Mastery, Time management, BookDuring the past week I attended an online Business Summit. A large number of renowned speakers each talked on their topic of expertise. One speaker Walt Hampton author of Power Principles of Time Mastery: Do Less, Make More, Have Fun spoke on what he calls “time mastery”.

We often hear about ‘time management” courses, but according to Hampton

we all have all the time there is, which just passes us by.

So according to him we cannot manage time, but we can become masters of ourselves to better use ... continue reading