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The man who had everything

The Man Who Had Everything was one of the hit movies during 1920, a hundred years ago. The title of the movie grabbed my attention, because I never met or heard of anybody who said they have everything they wanted.
In those early years movies were black and white and silent with subheadings to show the dialogue. The plot is something I don’t think modern day scriptwriters would have imagined for their next movie.

The plot

Mark Bullway is a very wealthy business owner whose son Harry is a careless ... continue reading

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Petrol & Cola

Whose money?

Many years ago I employed someone in my small company who was formerly a director in a big organisation. A friend then gave a kind warning and said that one should be watchful when employing someone from such a background.

He is used to spending other people’s money, money that he did not work for himself.

People who start their own businesses know what hard work it takes to get enough clients to support your business to make it sustainable. Because you are responsible for debts incurred, you ... continue reading

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Money is Fuel

In a YouTube video Money is Fuel Simon Sinek explains the role of money in business.

Money is fuel and fuel is very important. There is nothing wrong with money, it is just we have to understand the purpose of money. So the company is the car and money is the fuel.

So I don’t care how amazing you’re just cause is and how wonderful your culture is, if you have no money, you don’t go anywhere. You might have bought the most beautiful car, you got no gas, you ... continue reading