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The man who had everything

The Man Who Had Everything was one of the hit movies during 1920, a hundred years ago. The title of the movie grabbed my attention, because I never met or heard of anybody who said they have everything they wanted.
In those early years movies were black and white and silent with subheadings to show the dialogue. The plot is something I don’t think modern day scriptwriters would have imagined for their next movie.

The plot

Mark Bullway is a very wealthy business owner whose son Harry is a careless ... continue reading

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An attitude of gratitude

One little privilege we now again have during the current phase 4 of lockdown, is that we are allowed to go for a walk between 6 and 9 am. I must say,

to me it is a welcome break from staying inside all day.

But now everybody seems to be very health conscious and it feels like everyone who can walk is on the road during that time. Perhaps it is just because all those who want to exercise, must now fit it in during those three designated hours of ... continue reading

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Worlds apart

Retrenched, Work, Jobless, Unsertainty

Retrenched, Work, Jobless, UnsertaintyWe often hear that politicians are concerned about the wage gap that exists between the salaries of top executives and the lowest earning workers in companies; not that the politicians themselves not look well after themselves either. It is one thing to live well from the earnings of your own company, but to live well on taxpayers’ money is a completely different story.

Being retrenched

But the low earning workers of a big company is still better off than the person who had just been retrenched or who has already ... continue reading

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Keeping up with the Joneses

Compare, Spy, Content, Joneses

Compare, Spy, Content, JonesesKeeping up with the Joneses was until now never part of my ambition, perhaps just because I was never quite able to afford it. Many people though are continually comparing themselves to others and they always feel as if they have been dealt a bad hand to start with.

Numbers people

They are what Rob Parsons in The Heart of Success call “numbers people.”

People who are always calculating and comparing.

“They hate stopping for petrol. They would rather run out of fuel. Now why would they hate it so ... continue reading

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Part Of The 20%?

Steven Covey in his book First Things First asks this sobering question:

How many people on their deathbed wish they’d spent more time at the office?

I think nobody will ever feel that way unless perhaps, you were a Mr Young who put the following inscription on his wife’s tombstone in 1771; “Beneath this stone, a lump of clay, Lies Arabella Young, Who on the 21st of May, began to hold her tongue.”

Later in life many people regret that they spent too little time with their families, especially when ... continue reading