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Perspective – Your view of matters

Your perspective on a certain matter is to a large extent determined by the vantage point from which you view a certain matter. Say you live in a small town in Namaqualand or on a farm in the Karoo your view on the Corona pandemic may be that it is perhaps not that bad. Perhaps you hardly even know anybody that has contracted the virus.

On the other hand, a friend who works in a city environment told me that about every 2nd or 3rd day at work they hear ... continue reading

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An attitude of gratitude

One little privilege we now again have during the current phase 4 of lockdown, is that we are allowed to go for a walk between 6 and 9 am. I must say,

to me it is a welcome break from staying inside all day.

But now everybody seems to be very health conscious and it feels like everyone who can walk is on the road during that time. Perhaps it is just because all those who want to exercise, must now fit it in during those three designated hours of ... continue reading