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Economic lockdown

Coronavirus, Economy, Business

Coronavirus, Economy, BusinessDuring the past decade or two we often heard that change is the order of the day and that a comfort zone is not a good place to dwell. Wave upon wave of new technology washed over us and we continually had to adapt to an ever changing world.

Yet, except for some of the very elderly who can still remember the days of the second world war, none of us have ever experienced such a level of uncertainty as now with the coronavirus and the economy virtually completely ... continue reading

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The coronavirus effect

soap, wash hands, handwash, water, coronavirus,COVID-19

soap, wash hands, handwash, water, coronavirus,COVID-19

Wash your hands, don’t touch, close the business, close the school, wear a mask, cancel the game and do whatever is necessary to prevent the spread of the coronavirus(COVID-19). What happens at present is that people travel less, sports events are called off or played before empty stadiums, stock exchanges tumble, etc. which will probably have a huge negative influence on the world economy.

Businesses at risk

Someone on CNN mentioned that

the coronavirus may perhaps kill more businesses than people.

Therefore the following piece of advice from a ... continue reading

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Recession! – What now?

Economy, South Africa, Recession,

Economy, South Africa, Recession, As a former Economics teacher I always love to somehow peer over the horizon because the future fascinates me. I love to make my own predictions of what I think the consequences of certain decisions and policies may be.

Economic outlook for 2020

At present the economic outlook for 2020 does not look very promising. In government there is just so many controversies, infighting and division mixed with ideology that good governance does not even come close to the parliament’s agenda. At present they are just trying to put out ... continue reading

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Black Tuesday – a new reality

Recession, roller coaster, business, economy, down, In my newsletter and blog post of the first week in December 2018, I warned as follow about a difficult first quarter in 2019:


“At present most businesses look forward to increased sales during the festive season and “Back-to-School” business in January. But February 2019 I think might become a challenge. Although I do not like to be negative, I think it is necessary to be cautious with spending during the festive season and especially on credit.
There is just so much uncertainty about government policy regarding land reform
... continue reading