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Lockdown – From port to starboard

In one of his classic quotes Forrest Gump said, “Mama always said ‘Life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get.’”

To my mind this is what we experience at present.

You never know what to expect when it is announced that the President will speak tonight.

Someone said it almost feels like when your mother used to say “Just wait till dad gets home tonight.”

Eenie meenie miney mo

The past year was like “eenie meenie miney mo,” you may not buy liquor, now ... continue reading

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Do not add insult to injury

It is nice that we have entered level 1 of lockdown, but six months of low key business activity will definitely have a huge impact on our economy. Perhaps healthcare workers experience slightly less pressure than in earlier stages of the pandemic, but

for others, the longer their businesses remain closed, the bigger the pressure.

Tourism industry

This week I spoke to people working in the tourism industry involved with international travel, and for them there is no going back to work yet, neither did they receive any remuneration during ... continue reading

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Economic shift

During the last couple of lockdown months, I’ve been on more webinars and Zoom meetings than ever before in my life. Will this be the new trend for the future?

Working from home

I recently read an article in Die Burger that asked the question if working from home is here to stay. According to the article only about 10% of people worked from home before the lockdown, but during lockdown it jumped to as high as 75% for many companies.

According to the article,

this trend is not easily ... continue reading

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The sound of silence

Open Road, gravel road, mountain, Silence

Open Road, gravel road, mountain, SilenceSome years ago I had a business that sold farming equipment and sometimes I spent as much as a week in the Karoo. I just loved the silence out there and my favourite stop was between Fraserburg and Sutherland.

Enjoy the silence

There I could easily spend an hour or more just enjoying the incredible silence without even one vehicle passing. I remember being there I always thought the world must have been something like that shortly after creation;

it’s almost as if you can hear the silence.... continue reading

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Economic lockdown

Coronavirus, Economy, Business

Coronavirus, Economy, BusinessDuring the past decade or two we often heard that change is the order of the day and that a comfort zone is not a good place to dwell. Wave upon wave of new technology washed over us and we continually had to adapt to an ever changing world.

Yet, except for some of the very elderly who can still remember the days of the second world war, none of us have ever experienced such a level of uncertainty as now with the coronavirus and the economy virtually completely ... continue reading