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Choice is yours

As a career consultant I have the privilege of testing and advising people on subject and career choices that will best match their personality, talents and skills. As an advisor looking from the outside it is not difficult to give an unbiased opinion. Yet

the candidate still has the choice to follow the advice or not.

Wrong motives

Unfortunately people often choose careers for financial reasons instead of what will resonate with who they really are. Youngsters still at school often decide to take the same subjects or to enrol ... continue reading

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Part Of The 20%?

Steven Covey in his book First Things First asks this sobering question:

How many people on their deathbed wish they’d spent more time at the office?

I think nobody will ever feel that way unless perhaps, you were a Mr Young who put the following inscription on his wife’s tombstone in 1771; “Beneath this stone, a lump of clay, Lies Arabella Young, Who on the 21st of May, began to hold her tongue.”

Later in life many people regret that they spent too little time with their families, especially when ... continue reading