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Choice is yours

As a career consultant I have the privilege of testing and advising people on subject and career choices that will best match their personality, talents and skills. As an advisor looking from the outside it is not difficult to give an unbiased opinion. Yet

the candidate still has the choice to follow the advice or not.

Wrong motives

Unfortunately people often choose careers for financial reasons instead of what will resonate with who they really are. Youngsters still at school often decide to take the same subjects or to enrol ... continue reading

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Many people I know are “people pleasers” to a greater or lesser extent. Are you one of them?

Unfortunately people pleasers tend to over commit themselves because they find it hard to say “no.”

On a business note

After the 2008 financial crisis Jim Collins wrote How the Mighty Fall, a book which looked into the reasons for the failure of many established companies. One of the reasons he emphasised, was what he called the “undisciplined pursuit of more,” which sounds very similar to an over committed people pleaser.... continue reading

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Meaningful work

Two days after I previously wrote about the purpose behind everything we do, I sat in a meeting where we discussed the importance of entrepreneurship and job creation. One person suggested that we should not only focus on job creation, but at creating meaningful jobs.

But when exactly is the work that you do meaningful?

It seems that when you understand the purpose of what you need to do, that you may experience the work as more meaningful.

You may experience a job as meaningless when your personality and skill ... continue reading