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Needed: Competent leaders with character

The level of uncertainty that we have to endure at present is unprecedented in our lifetime. We have leaders that chop and change their minds with very short notice before things need to be implemented and it leads to chaos in every sphere of our society.


Western Province Rugby bosses at the last moment decide to step away from a contract to sell the Newlands Rugby Stadium and then find themselves in even bigger trouble than ever before. With good governance the WP Rugby Union should never even have ... continue reading

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Confusing messages – Get the ducks in a row

I think the one thing that concerns me most about the current virus epidemic, is the extremely confusing messages that we continually receive from political leaders. We all know the seriousness and dangers of the virus and would like to do our part in trying and curb it. But

we need clarity and we should be able to trust our leaders.

Confusing messages

Yet the messages we receive at present, are very confusing. The one day the president tells people one thing and the next day a minister makes ... continue reading

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All in the state of the mind

All in the state of the mindA while ago I wrote about the importance of taking more time to think (quantity), but equally important is the quality of our thoughts. Seems like the quality of the Springbok coach’s thoughts had a bit of a downturn during the last minutes of Saturday’s game.

When your business, organisation or church, plan for next year, do you only plot the same outdated activities on next year’s calendar, or do you use your creativity to plan something new and original.

Nobody likes stale bread and nobody likes a stale program.

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2 Sam 12:25 “So he called his name Jedidiah because of the Lord.”

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